What type of service does your loved one need?

Essentially, there are 3 types of home care services: Companion, Personal Care, and Skilled Nursing.
It is very important to recognize that the services required for your loved one today, will likely change throughout time. Therefore, please make sure that any home health care provider being considered is properly licensed, and accredited to ensure that they have the proper nursing staff to monitor, reassess, and adjust plans of care as needed. Your comfort in trusting that personnel with the proper skills are attending to the care of your loved ones is our top priority.
  • Companion Services – Non-medical, basic supervision, and socialization services that do not include assistance with activities of daily living, and that are provided in the individual’s home. Companion services may include the performance of household chores.
  • Personal Care Services – Client services provided by a HHA, CHHA, or similarly licensed and credentialed home health care paraprofessional, in accordance with a Plan of Care, and carried out under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Services are aimed at maintaining a client in his or her home by providing assistance with activities of daily living. In Medicaid terminology, this service is identified as Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services.
  • Skilled Nursing Services – Client services provided by an LPN, or RN, pertaining to curative, restorative, preventive, and palliative aspects of nursing practices. Ordered by a Health Care Provider, and supervised by an RN Nurse Supervisor, services may be provided in a client’s home, or in the community, such as a school.
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