Key Questions To Ask a Home Care Agency

10 Questions to Ask Your Home Care Provider

1. Does a registered professional nurse assess needs and write a personalized care plan? Does the nurse supervise the care on an ongoing basis?

2. Are the home health aides providing personal care services trained and certified?

3. If you need skilled nursing services, are there licensed RNs and LPNs that have the clinical skills needed to take care of you?

4. Did the aide or nurse have a criminal background check done such as one required by the State to obtain certification/licensure?

5. Does the aide get continuing in-service education in home care?

6. Is there backup personnel if the assigned aide misses a day(s)?

7. What liability insurance coverage does the agency have in place?

8. Do the aides and nurses pay taxes, get worker’s compensation, and have disability coverage?

9. Are the home care services eligible for Medicaid or Medicaid special waiver programs and/or insurance coverage?

10. What is the agency’s grievance/complaint procedure?

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