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Our partnership gives you the easiest and quickest way to implement the policies and procedures necessary to enable your full accreditation.
Our educational workshops/webinars offer you the tools and resources to understand the CAHC Accreditation Program and enhance the professional development of your staff.


CAHC Workshop/Webinar Offerings and Schedule

Workshop Locations and Webinars as noted:

CAHC, 299 Market Street, Suite 235, Saddle Brook


1. Introduction to CAHC Accreditation – C101

     This introduction workshop/webinar offers more information about becoming accredited with CAHC. Come learn the basics about CAHC standards, costs, and the accreditation process. 

Date         Webinar


You must call: 201.880.9135 or eEmail: to secure a registration


2. Overview of CAHC Accreditation Standards – C110

 This webinar is a 3-part series that offers a thorough presentation about CAHC standards and implementation – Standards I thru V.

Date        Webinar


3. Role of an RN in Home Care – C301

 Standard V. This workshop/webinar ensures the nursing staff is prepared for accreditation as well as their critical role as defined by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. Participants will review clinical standards of practice and how to apply these Standards to their agency’s day-to-day operations. An experienced CAHC RN Surveyor will discuss the critical role of the nurse and offer open discussion on issues the RN professional faces in home care.

Date         Location


4. Setting Up Competency Testing for CHHAs – C310

       Your RN must observe each CHHA’s competency skills prior to first case.

  We will give tips and best practices for setting this up in your agency.

 Date         Location


5. Avoiding Common Deficiencies – C320

    This workshop/webinar is a review of CAHC Standards and Intents to identify processes and methods of documentation to eliminate deficiencies. Focusing on the survey process, this workshop uses the CAHC Manual as a blue print for success to guide the agency to full accreditation and eliminate the need for a corrective plan of action.

Date         Location


6. Preparing for your CAHC Survey Experience – C410

      Be Ready. Be Prepared. Be Organized. Don’t be rattled by your accreditation on-site survey.  This workshop outlines what agencies should expect during their on-site visit and offers tips on alleviating some common worries.  Hear from an experienced CAHC RN Surveyor about organizing and planning for your monitoring visit. Learn how to avoid common survey deficiencies to help your agency be accredited with distinction.

 Date         Location


7. Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) Basics – C501

     CAHC Standard III. PQI policies help owners and managers monitor their home care business. This workshop/webinar reviews the basics in establishing a PQI program and risk management policies. Focused on the basics of quarterly reporting, participants will review processes for goal setting, record management, and successfully addressing common program challenges.

 Date         Location


21. Financial Keys to Home Care Success – C900

     CAHC partners with a New Jersey home health care experts to present you with an extremely unique workshop designed to better empower you toward financial success.

 Date         Location

TBD         Webinar


22. How to Grow Your Agency in the “New Normal” Home Care Service Field – C901

     CAHC partners with an experienced home health care consultant to present you with home health care marketing and strategic initiatives in our “new normal” home health care field. 

 Date                                                                 Location

Wednesday, October 13, 2021  11:00 AM       Webinar


23. How to Attract and Keep Agency Staff and Aides – C902

Learn from an experienced home health care operator with a proven track record of success some key strategies and a few “out of the box” methods to help your agency attract employees and then the keys to keep them working for you.

 Date                                                              Location

Thursday, October 14, 2021  11:00AM         Webinar


23. Financial Operations of a Home Health Care Agency – C903

A home care industry expert with 25 years of financial experience will present the top 3 Challenges facing small businesses, Business/Strategic Planning, Identifying and Defining financial areas of home care, Revenue Cycle – Defined and Discussed, Budgeting and Forecasting, Month End Reports, Defining KPI’s and how to track them, and Q&A.

 Date                                                                        Location
Friday, December 10, 2021  11:00AM                Webinar
FEE: $95.00



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